Daifuku’s Value Creation

Under our company creed Hini Arata, we aim to be a Value Innovator enhancing the competitiveness of our customers and, in tandem with contributing to the development of society, take up the challenge to enhance our corporate value.

Value Creation Model Image

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Our Competitive Strength

With an array of solutions through its framework spanning consulting to after-sales service, Daifuku boasts a wealth of manufacturing and system integration experience, quickly responding to needs that include designing systems with complex requirements and making on-site adjustments when problems occur.

Social Value

Crown SportsTo respond to the social issues of “human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption” that global companies are expected to address, Daifuku announced its commitment, Daifuku’s CSR, which outlines the responsibilities that must be met, the approach and plan for action. In this commitment, Daifuku specifies six initiative themes to be prioritized for social responsibilities.