Principal Initiatives

In view of the importance of the physical and mental health of employees, Daifuku adopted the Declaration of Group Health Management in April 2018. We are implementing various health promotion policies and organize events based on health issues toward creating a more stimulating and healthy workplace environment.

Initiative Materiality and relationship to SDGs

SDGs pursued by Daifuku

Crown SportsSDGs pursued by Daifuku


  • Development of an Employee-Friendly Working Environment

Crown SportsCSR Action Plan KPIs and targets for 2020

  • Diagnosis rate of lifestyle related diseases in health examinations: 45%

Daifuku Group Health Management Declaration

  • Daifuku continuously promote activities to maintain and increase the physica; and mental health of its employees. Considering the health of all associates as fundamentals to the sustainable growth of its business.
  • Daifuku strives to provide a comfortable and hygienic workplace environments with the aim of raising the quality of the work and the lives of each employee.
  • Daifuku, led by the Mental and Physical Health Promotion Committee, a companywide organization encompassing corporate and industry medical practitioners and public health nurse and labor unions, promotes to raise health awareness and the work-life balance of its employees by implementing health promotion measures.

Promotion Framework

Crown SportsSince 2006, the company-wide cross-organizational “Mental & Physical Health Promotion Committee,” chaired by the Human Resources and General Affairs Division Manager, has been working with industrial doctors, public health nurses and health insurance associations to organize health promotion initiatives and events at each business site.

Mental & Physical Health Promotion Committee

Health Initiatives

Diagnosis rate of lifestyle diseases in health examinations KPI

Regrettably, we did not achieve our target rate. Some reasons for this are thought to be a chronic lack of exercise, and the prevalence of habitual drinking of alcohol. However, the ratio of employees with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or higher, which is the baseline indicator for an increased risk of lifestyle-related diseases, fell from 33.5% in the previous fiscal year to 30.3%; so the effects of various initiatives are gradually being seen. We will continue to provide guidance and hold seminars on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and implement other measures to support the health of Daifuku employees.

Diagnosis rate of lifestyle related diseases
  FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Target Results
Diagnosis rate of lifestyle related diseases 52.6% 52.6% 46.0% 55.2%

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Mental & physical health promotion

Mental health measures

Mental health measures

Crown SportsDaifuku held a “Rakugo in English” event at the Tokyo Head Office, which was a performance of traditional Japanese comic storytelling rakugo in Japanese and English. The benefits of laughter on mental health are well known, and this event was aimed at providing employees with a chance to experience Japanese culture while enjoy the healing effects of having a good laugh.

Physical health measures

Physical health measures

Daifuku held a “Seminar on How to Read Health Check Results” at the Shiga Works site. The seminar taught employees how to read and understand the results of their individual health check, instead of just glancing at the results and then forgetting about them. It was a chance for employees to learn how to use the results to manage their health.

Exercise measures

Exercise measures

The Komaki Works site has been holding exercise seminars every Wednesday for the past five years, in an effort to eliminate a lack of exercise among employees. The seminars are designed to keep employees interested so that they continue to exercise; this includes incorporating special programs such as core training, Zumba, and Group Fight classes.

Dietary measures

Daifuku’s employee cafeteria has developed a more nutritionally balanced menu capable of contributing to the improved health of employees through food. These continued efforts have earned the Osaka Headquarters, Shiga Works and Komaki Works cafeterias a Smart Meal Certification, an accolade available only to cafeterias that meet a defined standard for providing healthy meals and a healthy eating environment (recognized through a three-step evaluation).

Massage room

Dietary Measures

Daifuku has set up a massage room for employees, with the aim of promoting health by focusing on recovering from fatigue and alleviating stress. We also have in-house physiotherapists available for employees to use, in an effort to expand the employment of people with disabilities. We have been offering health consultations by public health nurses and chair massages by physiotherapists, who travel to service sites in the jurisdiction of the Osaka Headquarters.

Improvement in Working Environment

Improvement in Working Environment

To guard against heatstroke and improve working conditions, we have introduced air conditioned clothing for machine operators.

Evaluation from Outside the Company

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