Principal Initiatives

Communication with communities

Daifuku has a number of sites and offices around the world where it conducts business operations, including production and sales. Building good relations with communities at each site is a key goal for Daifuku and is essential to maximize our business activities. Accordingly, we strive to proactively communicate with communities through volunteer activities and collaboration with various organizations, while taking into account the cultures and legal requirements unique to each country and region.

Communication with shareholders and investors

Promoting constructive dialogue with our shareholders and investors through our investor relations (IR) activities has significant implications for Daifuku’s sustainable growth and the medium- to long-term improvement of the corporate value. In accordance with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code stipulated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we formulated the Daifuku Corporate Governance Guidelines in May 2016. Based on these guidelines, we strive to secure the rights and equal treatment of shareholders and enhance dialogue with them.

Initiative Materiality and relationship to SDGs

SDGs pursued by Daifuku

Crown SportsSDGs pursued by Daifuku


  • Encourage communication with local communities and society at large, and social contribution activities
  • Encourage communication with shareholders and investors

CSR Action Plan KPIs and targets for 2020

  • Number of participants in social contribution activities: 2,000
  • Publication of reports that contain non-financial data, and listing this on the website
    : Continued publication of combined reports in Japanese and English, including surveys and evaluations such as questionnaires
  • Number of participants in briefings for private investors: To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, refrain from attending and holding events

Promotion Framework

Communication with communities

In the CSR Action Plan (FY2017-FY2020) announced in April 2017, we included the number of Daifuku Group participants in social contribution activities as a new KPI (key performance indicator). In Japan, we will continue our social contribution by collaborating with communities through initiatives led by the General Affairs Department and the Environmental Enhancement Management Committee.

Communication with shareholders and investors

Crown SportsThe Disclosure Committee chaired by the CEO discloses information based on laws and regulations, while the Investor Relations (IR) Department mainly conducts other information disclosure and dialogue in cooperation with relevant departments. For individual shareholders and investors, we provide site tours, participate in IR fairs, and conduct briefing sessions through securities companies. Another goal of these events is to raise awareness of Daifuku among the public and consumers. (To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, refrain from attending and holding events)

Communication Initiatives

[Relations with local communities]

Number of participants in social contribution activities KPI

The target for fiscal 2019 was 1,700 people, and the actual number of participants was 3,597 people. We will continue to share information so as to facilitate awareness of our social contribution activities.

Investment in Local Communities

Investment in Local Communities
Type Content FY 2019 investment
amount (yen)
Environmental preservation Donations from Daifuku’s Eco-Action Program to external environmental groups 3,230,000
Costs of cleaning and greening activities around Daifuku sites 4,092,000
Costs of biodiversity preservation activities 3,460,000
Community contribution Regional Revitalization Team Project donations and activity costs 722,159
Nurturing the next generation Visits to Hini Arata Kan from universities, vocational schools, and elementary and junior high schools 1,365,000
Total 12,869,159

Local procurement and local hiring

Crown SportsDaifuku believes that one of the activities that contributes to the local economy is to procure in the vicinity of its operating area. We are dedicated to the growth of communities through our procurement in the area of the Shiga Works and other regions. With regard to hiring as well, we actively seek out talent in the vicinity of our sites and provide employment opportunities. We will continue to contribute to the vitalization and advancement of regional economies through local procurement and employment.

Temporary evacuation shelter

Temporary evacuation shelter

In March 2015, an agreement was concluded with Hino Town, Shiga Prefecture, concerning the temporary use of Daifuku facilities as an evacuation shelter for neighboring residents in the event of a natural disaster, as requested by local residents for the Shiga Works to act as an emergency evacuation shelter. The agreement was concluded after conducting a simulation of receiving evacuees and confirmation of the contents of the agreement with other companies operating in the vicinity of the Shiga Works. It forms part of Daifuku's social contribution efforts.

Community cleanup activities

Community cleanup activities

Daifuku regularly maintains and cleans a popular tourist spot, Shakunage-kei (Rhododendron Gorge) near the Shiga Works. Since 2005, we are participating in a pre-season general cleanup drive organized by the Hino Tourism Association every April. Our employees also participate in Shiga Prefecture's "Ohmi Eco-Foster System," which includes activities that help protect the local environment. Finally, our employees remove trash from roads near our facilities every month.

Nature conservation around Lake Biwa

Nature conservation around Lake Biwa

Crown SportsDaifuku employees from the Shiga Works take part in a yearly activity to clip phragmites surrounding Lake Biwa together with local residents, companies and environmental conservation groups. To protect phragmites plains, which play an important role in preserving the ecosystem and water health of Lake Biwa, it is essential to trim the overgrown reeds every winter. The clipped phragmites are used as raw materials for paper products.

Ground Golf Competition

Ground Golf Competition

Crown SportsAs part of our efforts to contribute to the local community, since fiscal 2018 Daifuku has been sponsoring the Daifuku Cup Ground Golf Competition, which is held by the Shiga Prefecture Hino-cho Ground Golf Association. During the second Competition held in 2019, a total of 398 people participated from 12 neighboring towns and Mie Prefecture.

Regional Revitalization Team Project

Grape Project

Daifuku launched the Regional Revitalization Team Project in fiscal 2019 at the Shiga Works site, and since then we have been promoting exchanges with neighboring regions and holding events to showcase local specialty products to employees. We are collecting donations through these events, and donating the collected money to the Hino-cho Goodwill Bank. We will continue to actively work with schools and organizations, and contribute to revitalizing the community.

Workplace tour

Kids Day

The Daifuku Kids Day was held at the Tokyo Head Office in August 2019. This event was designed to strengthen family ties by allowing children the opportunity to visit the workplace of their fathers and mothers, an area not generally seen by the families of employees. In addition to a workplace tour, visiting children also participated in competitions, workshops, and other fun events.

Donation of relief goods to hurricane victims


Crown SportsHurricane Michael wreaked havoc in the southern United States in October 2018, causing significant damage in its wake. Employees at Elite Line Services, Inc. collected various supplies in support of the victims. The supplies were donated to the Dove Church in Southport, Florida, in December 2018. The church delivered the collected relief supplies—including blankets, cleaning products, pillows, toiletries, clothes, and shoes—to more than 600 households.

[Promote connections with shareholders and investors]

Publication of reports with non-financial data, website postings KPI

Crown SportsWe have published the combined report “Daifuku Report 2019” in English and Japanese, and also released the first e-book edition. This report briefly summarizes highly important information on the value creation activities of the Daifuku Group.

Number of participants in briefings for private investors KPI

The target for fiscal 2019 was at least 650 people, and the number actually achieved was 293 people. We fell short of the target number, as we were unable to hold the briefings as planned due to taking measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Hini Arata Kan Tour for Shareholders

Hini Arata Kan Tour for Shareholders

Every year we hold a tour for our shareholders to the exhibition center Hini Arata Kan, which is located in the Shiga Works site. This tour provides our shareholders with a rare opportunity to view up close the actual machines used in our business, and enables them to get a real feel for what we do. In fiscal 2019 we increased the frequency of the tours to three times a year, with around 100 shareholders participating each time. These tours are popular among our shareholders. (In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have stopped the four in FY2020)

Evaluation from Outside the Company

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