Crown SportsConsumers are demanding quicker and more accurate delivery capabilities from the logistics industry, such as same-day shipping often associated with e-commerce, in addition to multi-item and small-lot delivery services. Daifuku's track record in delivering sorting and picking systems spans customers from a wide range of industries, including retail, pharmaceutical and automotive. In the age of e-commerce, Daifuku continues to provide optimal material handling solutions that ensure rapid shipping of products to consumers.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Sorting Systems

We actively support multi-item and small lot delivery in the distribution, transport, and storage industries by offering products with higher speed and more accuracy. Our products include the slide-shoe type Surfing Sorter and Surfing Sorter Mini; and the Shuttle Rack, which consists of load-transfer carts on each rack level and vertical lifters.

  • Sorting Systems
  • Sorting Systemsあn

Picking Systems

Our picking systems include the digital picking system eye-navi, which embeds radio indicator on trays; automatic piece picking equipment; and the Picking Cart System system. These systems enable more accurate, quicker, and easier work with digital displays. Our customers can implement a system that is optimized for the item number and storage quantity the need to handle.

  • Picking Systems
  • Picking Systems