Manufacturing and Distribution Systems

  • Unit load AS/RS

    Unit load AS/RS

    An AS/RS that can be installed in existing buildings.

  • Rack–supported building AS/RS

    Rack–supported building AS/RS

    A building-type automated storage system which combines a building and racks widely used in large distribution centers.

  • Mini load AS/RS

    Mini load AS/RS

    The mini load AS/RS stores small-quantity goods in containers and cartons.

  • Superfast mini load AS/RS

    Crown SportsSuperfast mini load AS/RS

    Crown SportsShuttle Rack-M

    The Shuttle Rack is a mini load AS/RS used for picking and shipment sorting. The system has a cart positioned on each rack level.

  • Standalone mini load AS/RS

    Standalone mini load AS/RS

    Daifuku's picking system Pick & Stocker allows operation without waiting time through continuous retrieval for up to eight load-receiving platforms.

  • Pallet rack

    Crown SportsPallet rack

    Crown SportsA storage rack for heavy loads, the New-Goodrack is the best fit for pallet storage when forklift is the primary means of input and retrieval.

  • Sliding pallet rack

    Crown SportsSliding pallet rack

    Crown SportsPallets are placed on inclining rack carts and sequentially pushed onto this sliding pallet rack.

  • Pallet & heavy load storage

    Crown SportsPallet & heavy load storage

    Crown SportsAisle opening pallet rack - Mobile Rack

    Crown SportsThe Mobile Rack provides twice the pallet storage efficiency of a fixed rack. The rail-free, refrigerator/freezer, and explosion prevention types are available.

  • Horizontal drive flow rack

    Horizontal drive flow rack

    Magic Flow enables one-way storing and retrieval, and is optimum for first-in, first-out movement of small-variety high-volume goods.

  • Electric cart type horizontal flow rack

    Crown SportsElectric cart type horizontal flow rack

    Crown SportsShuttle Rack-L

    Crown SportsLoads are carried by forklift to the bay to be stored and retrieved from this horizontal rack.

  • Inclined flow rack

    Crown SportsInclined flow rack

    Daifuku's flow rack Pickway offers accurate first-in, first-out handling by replenishing goods through the rear and picking them from the front.

  • Vertical Rotating Rack

    Vertical Rotating Rack

    This vertical rotating rack allows the effective use of overhead space. It assures safety of operation and its shutter keeps the inside clean.

  • Conveyor System

    Crown SportsConveyor System

    This transport system can accommodate the properties and installment conditions of various conveyed goods.

  • Vehicle Systems

    Vehicle Systems

    These transfer vehicles are available in a track type, in combination with an AS/RS, and a track-less type running without rail

  • Overhead monorail system

    Overhead monorail system

    Crown SportsThe overhead traveling transport system Space Carrier performs automatic replenishment and interbay transfer between picking racks.

  • High-speed sorter

    High-speed sorter

    Crown SportsThese are high-speed slide-shoe sorters capable of sorting irregular-shaped items without damaging them.

  • Automatic Sorter

    Crown SportsAutomatic Sorter

    Crown SportsWith vertically moving branch rollers, Daifuku's Popup Skew Sorter gently sorts loads.

  • High efficiency pick-to-light system

    Crown SportsHigh efficiency pick-to-light system


    This picking system combines an RFID display and a picking tote together as a single unit.

  • Pick-to-light system

    Crown SportsPick-to-light system

    Crown SportsWith this pick-to-light system, workers pick products according to the information on position and quantity sent from RFID.

  • Cart-Type Picking System

    Crown SportsCart-Type Picking System

    Crown SportsWith this picking system, workers sort and carry items to the cart bay according to the instruction shown on the cart display.

  • Digital Assort®System

    Put-to-light system

    Crown SportsWith the Digital Assort System, workers places items in totes following the instruction shown on the display.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    Crown SportsA distribution information management system for distribution centers and factories.

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Semiconductor Production Line Systems

  • Overhead monorail system – Cleanway

    Crown SportsOverhead monorail system – Cleanway

    Crown SportsWith high-speed transport of up to 300m/min, the Cleanway can directly transport objects without passing through a storage system.

  • Overhead monorail system for Reticle – Reticle Cleanway

    Crown SportsOverhead monorail system for Reticle – Reticle Cleanway

    This Cleanway is designed to transfer reticles in small spaces.

  • AS/RS – Clean Stocker

    AS/RS – Clean Stocker

    The Clean Stocker is an AS/RS buffering intrabay and interbay processes work in progress for semiconductor products.

  • Zip Tower 30

    Crown SportsZip Tower 30

    The Zip Stocker 30 is a rotating shelf system having both storage and lifter functions.

  • Nitrogen purge stocker

    Crown SportsNitrogen purge stocker

    This stocker allows the injection of nitrogen gas into containers in storage.

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Flat Panel Display Production Line Systems

  • AS/RS – Clean Stocker

    Crown SportsAS/RS – Clean Stocker

    Crown SportsThe Clean Stocker stores and transports for FPD cassettes and can accommodate various cassette sizes.

  • Overhead monorail system – Clean Space Carrier

    Overhead monorail system

    Clean Space Carrier

    Crown SportsA monorail-type transport system for fifth generation FPDs.

  • Automatic guided vehicle – Clean AGV

    Automatic guided vehicle

    Clean AGV

    This Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) can accommodate fifth generation FPDs.

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Automobile Production Line Systems

  • Chainless conveyor system – Flexible Drive System

    Chainless conveyor system

    Crown SportsFlexible Drive System

    Daifuku's Flexible Drive System enables slow but stable transport and performs best in interbay transfer and storage lines of coating and assembly plants.

  • Electrified monorail system – Ramrun

    Electrified monorail system


    The RAMRUN is a monorail system for high speed and flexible transport. A noncontact power supply model is available.

  • Chain Conveyor System

    Chain Conveyor System

    The Chain Conveyor System has the greatest track record of deliveries as a conveyor system for automobile production lines. It can be used for heavy items and in harsh environments.

  • Chain conveyor systems

    Crown SportsEngine testing system

    This system is an automated device to inspect the quality of engines, what can be considered the "heart" of automobiles.

  • Paint system - E-DIP

    Crown SportsPaint system


    Crown SportsThe E-DIP addresses the three biggest concerns of the automobile industry, namely, environment, coating, and running costs.

  • ASRS - SPDR (Spider)


    SPDR (Spider)

    Crown SportsWith the world's first chucking mechanism, the SPDR can automatically perform a wide variety of operations.

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Airport Technologies

  • Conveyor Systems

    Conveyor Systems

    Crown SportsConveyors are the standard transport system for airports, and is able to carry baggage of various sizes and shapes.

  • Tilt Tray Sorter

    Tilt Tray Sorter

    Crown SportsEach tray carries a piece of baggage. The trays tilt to unload baggage.

  • Baggage Tray System

    Baggage Tray System

    Travelling at the world's fastest speed of 600 m/min, the Baggage Tray System is ideal for international hub airports and large airports.

  • Carousel Conveyor

    Baggage Carousels

    Carousel conveyors are widely used in baggage claim areas of airports.

  • Security Systems

    Crown SportsSecurity Systems

    This multi-step scanning system combines an X-ray apparatus and explosive inspection device.

  • Self-check in

    Self-check-in system

    Crown SportsDaifuku's automatic check-in systems decrease burdens and manpower of check-in staff members.

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Car Wash Machines

  • Tunnel-type

    Crown SportsTunnel-type

    This is Japan's only roller conveyor tunnel-type car washer utilizing conveyor system technology.

  • Drive-thru


    A fully separated car wash machine, in which the washing machine and the dryer operate independently of each other, is available.

  • Gate-type


    Crown SportsThis car washing machine improves the efficiency of filling stations, car dealers, and maintenance shops.

  • 大型洗車機

    For large trucks

    This car wash machine is exclusively designed for large-sized vehicles including trucks, buses, and trailers.

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