One of the World's Top Material Handling Suppliers

Crown SportsDaifuku is an exceptional material handling systems manufacturer, with a unique existence, having more than 80 years of know-how and expertise.

Top 10 Materials Handling Systems Suppliers

Supplying a Broad Range of Industries

Crown SportsMaterial handling systems are essential at all locations where materials must be moved. Our Company supplies these systems to a large variety of industries.

Factory and Distribution Automation

Factory and Distribution Automation

Provides systems to distributors and manufacturers in wide-ranging sectors. This business operates mainly in Japan but is expanding into Asia and North America.

e-Factory Automation

e-Factory Automation

Provides systems to semiconductor and flat-panel display factories. More than 90% of sales are recorded outside of Japan, including Asia and North America. This business boasts large market share with its advanced technologies.

Automotive Factory Automation

Automotive Factory Automation

Crown Sports Provides systems for automobile production processes worldwide, mainly for Japanese, U.S., Chinese and South Korean automakers. The system conveys car bodies between each assembly process, including press/weld/paint/assembly shops.

Airport Technologies

Airport Baggage Handling Systems

Crown Sports Provides a broad range of solutions for airports, including baggage handling systems, automated baggage check-in systems, baggage screening systems, and software and controls.

Auto Washing Technologies

Lifestyle Products

Provides mainly car wash machines to filling stations and automobile dealers. The business enhances eco-friendly functions, including saving water and using plant-based liquid detergents. This business boasts top shares in the Japan and South Korea markets.



Provides high-end industrial personal computers, controllers used in medical devices, computers built in digital signage, and measuring/control systems for solar facilities through Daifuku's subsidiary Contec Co., Ltd.

Building Long-Time Relationships with Customers
through Aftermarket Services

Crown SportsDaifuku provides aftermarket services, including maintenance, regular inspections, and retrofits. Equipment, such as automated warehouses, have a designed life duration and need upgrades after a certain period.

Automated Warehouse Life Cycle

More than 65% of Sales in Non-Japanese Markets

Daifuku strives to develop an optimal global production and supply framework, operating affiliates in 26 countries and regions. It has 53 consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates.

Offices and Factories Worldwide

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